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Full View are the experts in aerial drone inspections, surveys and mapping. We specialise in commercial roof and building inspections, as well as asset inspection, drone stockpile surveys and solar pv surveys.

Our Services

Commerical Roof Surveys

Our commercial roof surveys ensure your commercial building is safe and secure, highlighting any potential faults and giving you the complete picture.

Residential Roof Surveys

A roof survey for your residential building is a great way to identify issues early and avoid large potential costs in the future, as well as ensuring your building’s safety. We also offer listed/heritage building surveys.

Industrial Roof Surveys

Our industrial roof surveys will help you pinpoint any maintenance needs and potential problems with your building. We use drones to make this process as cost-effective, safe and hassle-free as possible.

Drone Mapping

Using the latest photogrammetry software we create both 2D orthomosaics and 3D models, or digital twins of structures, ground assets and topographical surfaces.

Thermal Drone Survey

Our trained experts quickly identify potential heat loss from your buildings and assets. We use both thermal and visual sensors, attached to our fleet of drones to capture data and imagery.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Full View will survey, photograph and video your development from its infancy to completion on a regular basis or at key increments.

Drone Stockpile Surveys

Through the use of drones, we can accurately measure and survey stockpiles of materials such as gravel and dirt, helping you keep track of your stocks and reduce mismanagement.

Drone Inspection Software

Drones are merely the tools to capture data. At Full View, we believe the data collected using our state of the art equipment is only valuable if it can be turned into useful information.

Solar Panel PV Drone Inspection

Full View’s drone-led solar panel surveys offer a safe and cost-effective way to inspect your solar panels to discover if maintenance is required.

Drone Building Inspections

Our industrial roof surveys will help you pinpoint any maintenance needs and potential problems with your building.
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About us

Our mission is to streamline operations, improve safety and mitigate risk through the use of drones.

Full View are an Oxfordshire-based, independent drone operator, providing expert and professional drone surveys and drone inspections.

We specialise in a broad range of drone survey services, from commercial roof surveys and residential roof surveys, to solar panel surveys and new build snagging surveys.

Through the use of the latest drone technology, we collate a substantial range of information and data from our surveys and inspections, before transforming it into detailed, easy-to-digest reports and analysis, ready-made for our customers to use.

We are passionate about the safety and financial benefits that drones offer versus traditional manual inspections, and are eager to ensure people are aware of this innovative, cost-effective roof inspection technique.

Why Use Drones?

What are the benefits of drone inspection versus traditional manual inspection?
  • Faster survey times
  • More transparency - the client has unlimited access to imagery and reporting
  • With drones, the entirety of the roof can be surveyed, whereas traditional surveys will only inspect areas which can be reached safely. Drone surveys can provide greater visibility and coverage, and a more thorough inspection
  • No scaffolding needed, which:
    • Takes time to construct
    • Is expensive
    • Requires multiple people to assemble
    • Often needs permits/licences
    • Is potentially invasive to the building
    • Can cause an impact on local residents as it may block or restrict access to pavements, sunlight, etc.
Overall, our drone inspection service offers a faster, cheaper, and safer alternative for all your roof survey needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Why should you call on Full View for drone surveys?
  • Unlike other providers of drones, Full View are roofing specialists; we don’t provide drones for weddings or corporate events. When it comes to roofs, we know what we’re doing, and can use our expert knowledge to identify what to look for as part of the survey.

  • We don’t provide roofing repair services and are an independent company, so we have no vested interests to find damage that isn’t there. You can ensure our report will be honest and accurate.

  • We’re experienced in providing easy to understand yet detailed reporting which clearly conveys the most valuable information.
  • As a smaller, independant, flexible company, we are able to provide faster callout times than larger companies, and our turnaround times for the report creation are faster too; typically a report can be created and delivered in around 72 hours.


Flight Hours: 205
Safety Record: 100%

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